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Friday, November 11, 2005
holydays..holydays..holydays.. 6:00 PM

lalalalalal... wahh how long olredi we been on hols arr? hmm.. lets see wat ive done.. wen to keiths house agian.. pool party agian.. after the last day of skool.. FUN.. lol see phoebs friendster.. haha laugh like crazy wen i look at her friendster :) happy times.. oh n keith beat me in the NBA PS2 game.. CRAP!! :P

hmm goin out 2nite wif the gang.. lol the gang.. lol.. anyways first time im goin out so late.. movie finishes at 11pm i tink.. lol i am turning into a.. *DENG DENG DENG DEEEEENNNNG!*.... WILD CHILD!! lol... sighs.. im so damn sad.. lol.. seriously haf ntg better to do wif my time sighs..

oh yea im totally into Runescape again.. soo niceee.. met sooo many new ppl.. ;) lol errrr.. oh n i slept like at 4am smtg yesterday and 5am day before tat and 3am day before tat.... like i said im now a.... *DENG DENG DENG DEEENNNNNG!* WILD CHILD... someone call the police!! lol.. crap i realy am sadd.. :(

oo simpsons on.. GTG.. LaTeRsSsss...