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Wednesday, December 14, 2005
happy bday ash :) 1:25 AM

came bck from KL sunday afternoon. omg i hate flying! hahah but i loved sitting nxt to my sister. the whole ride we were talking and laughing. i nvr sat wif some1 who i talked to for the entire air ride. lol it was so funny. even my mum got alil annoyed wen we wouldnt shut up. lol

KL was alrite i guess. just tat the driving in KL is madness. my theory is tat all drivers in KL.. frm the moment they buckle up and turn the wheel. they shut their eyes and just pray tat they dun knock into anyone. its true! its just crazy the way they drive. the motorcyclists are like the japanese kami-kazees.. they just drive as if the road is some playground or smtg. madness.. pure madness..

n the food wasnt tat good. i mean the places tat my dad took us to anyway. i dunoe i jsut din enjoy wat my dad ate. not for me.. hmm the heat in KL is madness as well. we wen to the nite market which was cool cos thr was soooooo much stuff! hahah i truly tink im evolving into a normal girl. i actually couldnt wait to try on the clothes thr. hahah strange isnt it? at nite it was hot but in the morning.. the heat was undescrible. my body was constantly getting goosebumps frm the excruciating heat. hahaha excruciating.. lol

n we din even get to go to midvalley! how sucky is tat?! i did go swimming though. haha i cant swim properly but i can swim backwards fine. hahah how strange is tat? hmm so anyway ash's bday was sunday. the party was sunday nite. it wasnt a very fun party. i got to dress up n stuff cos i THOUGHT it was formal.. but the lil twerps tricked me just so they could see me in a dress!

nyahaha but i din wear a dress! i wore a skirt! heheh close enough! ;) i loved tat skirt. just bought frm KL.. loved it! eheh then we just left afterwards. how boring. we couldnt really haf fun too cos ash's whole family was thr too. sighs.. but dinner at magenta was nice.. nice atmosphere.. hmm

oh wen to watch Chronicles Of Narnia last nite. tat was fun. the guy playing Peter is cute! :) love guys wif blue eyes.. n Lucy's cute haha but crys alil too much tho.. lol.. narnia was cool. read the first 3 books already. great story :) hope they make the introduction story too so at least people understand y thr was a lamp post in the middle of the forest n whr the wardrobe came frm etc.

hmm well LaTeRsSsss...