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Sunday, December 04, 2005
='( i love nick sparks 7:57 PM

hmm just got a haircut yesterday... crazy cousin woke me up at like 11am! lol i noe i noe.. but i was up all nite reading nicholas sparks' books! which are excellent btw. i totally recommend them to readers who are bored :) hmm havent gone out in awhile now.. hmm not really hating staying at home now either.. maybe its becos i got stuff to do like reading. hmmm

wen to tun jugah first. so booring.. saw steph n tracy. lol hmm wah so long havent see her arr.. made me wonder wat everyone esle was doing at tat moment. hmm wen to des's mum's salon, Summer Dream. i nvr noticed it before hehehe i dunoe why but its like i only saw the sign like couple of weeks ago. sad uh?

des's mum was alritee.. lol she did my hair while i was busy catching up on the latest celebrity new. lol there were so many! hehe sighs the end of another day meaning one thing.. the end of another holyday.. hmm oh btw diana had tis prom thingy 2 nites ago which i tink was pretty cool. everyone was all fancy and stuff and she even managed to grab best dress. -_-".. i din hear the end of it.. lol. even i hafta say she looked great in lena's blue gown. tink its like a family tradition or smtg. tat means maybe in acouple more years im gona wear the same blue dress.. lol.. -_-.. hope it isnt outdated by then.. heheheh

while cleaning up my room, my mum found some books which she thought i be interested in. i saw two nicholas sparks' books which i nvr read before. so i spent the first few days and nites till 3am lol reading 'The Rescue'. it was soooooooooo touching and sweet tat i felt so touched. lol immediately i felt like i had to watch 'A Walk To Remember' again.. lol too bad i dun haf the DVD.. frig it!

i just finished wif 'Message In A Bottle' which was even MOREE TOUCHING! lol gawd nick sparks can really write a romantic story. lol ive seen notebook (cried) and walk to remember(cried). lol i dun tink i heard of the movie of the other books yet but im sooo gona watch if it does come out. so sweet. sighs :) so now im done and kinda bored again. heheh errr goin to KL soon.. hopefully it'll be fun. gotta get out of kch or im gona go maaad.. hmm.. :) LaTeRsSsss...