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Wednesday, December 21, 2005
skool in 2weeks man 1:07 PM

lalalalaaa.. hols so fast ending.. felt just like the hols started 2weeks ago.. now its 2weeks to skool starts again! hahah time flies.. hmm.. been spending loads of times at my cousins place since my grandma's in town. played Sims 2.. its kindaa fun! i tink i perfer Sims 1 tho cos thr were like so many new stuff. lol used to the old simple stuff. too bad i cant install it.. my comps so full olredi.. sighs..

hmmm oh bart came bck.. tat was pretty cool.. yet very awkward. haha everyone tensed up at first.. sitting in coffeebean all quiet.. hahahahaha! tat would be seem very funny n juvenile wen im like 30yrs old.. looking bck at the memories.. haha btw bart looks good. he definately grew bigger.. much more bulker.. hhaha.. it sucked tat king kong was all full.. ended up walking bck n forth frm star n riverside. sighs..

hahaha we wen bowling! hahaha ntg esle to do.. omg i havnt bowled since.. like last year i tink. hahaha we all stank like crap at first but we got better eventually. bart got acouple of strikes.. phoeb one or two.. joel afew.. rach one or two too. hahaha for ppl who just started bowling tat was frigging good dun u tink? hahahha it was fun. still din managed to beat barts score of 110 points.. i got 107!! tat just sucks!! :P.. good to see barty again.. the-so-called holy guy who wanted to be a priest.. hahha tat was funny.. kinda sad the day was kinda boring but happy got to catch up wif an old classmate plus the bowling was pretty fun :)

ohh got my new uniform earlier.. wah so damn hot man the weather! managed to finally burn some KH notes for charley.. woohoo.. hahaha sucks man.. first week of skool olredi got stupid test frm the most annoying,niau chee,hot-tempered,mean,rude,loud and face-u-feel-like-u-hafta-punch teacher in the world! diana leong.. evil witch doctor.. really dislike her.. arrghh yea tats bout it. :| LaTeRsSsss...