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Saturday, May 27, 2006
i got promoted!!!!! 12:09 AM

hahaha omg im sooooo happy. i got as i like to call it 'promoted' by Mr.Bill frm choir member to an Oz Lady! woooohooo! omg im so frigging happy. i hated being in the choir. i was the oldest,tallest n biggest choir member. n everytime Miss Vivien Ng said '..presenting the children of the choir..' my heart aches.. children!! lol! so yea i was kinda grumpy bout tat for the first nite.

but after mr.bill changed me i was sooooo pleased i could hardly speak. like the thought couldnt penetrate through my brain. hahaha i followed mr.bill everywhere cos he wanted to talk to miss.irene bout the costume thing. our convo :

mrbill: tink u can do it tonite? the whole thing?

sandra: i tink so. yeah sure i can do it.

madam armstrong: so you're the new one eh? tink u can do it?

sandra: *smile* yea sure hope so

mrbill: whrs tat irene? IREENEE!!! any1 seen irene?

miss irene: yes bill?

mrbill: tis is our new oz lady. tink she can fit in the costume?

miss irene: im not sure. lets try n find out.

heheheheheheheehheheheh i LOVED BEING OZ LADY!! i get to do some chicken dance thingy which kinda turns out to be fun if u do it wif ur friends. hehe then i just need to do minor acting bits which is fine wif me :) heheh sharifah made the experience a whole lot better. haha tat girl's laughter is contagious man! heheh very difficult trying to act curious,shocked n scared wen she starts giggling. hehehehehe!

anyways i had like an hour to learn the moves n lyrics. tnk God i remembered some frm the rehearsals last time. wheew! hehe anyways it turned out to be fun tho i was nervous as hell first time on stage. i hope i din mess up too bad. hmm poor tiff lost her voice or smtg. so she couldnt talk. trying to save her voice. so koliaan.. while eveeryone laughing away like idiots.

hehe wen to the saloon today too. tho i was wasnt suppose to be thr. aduhai i din even noe. cos we wen to skool bah then it was soooo boring cos like no teachers teaching at all. just free period the whole time except maths. but connie lau also totally no mood to teach cos she say she was tired. hehe so we left at like 11am in joels car. soo niceee.. go eat then go his house. wah he sleep like pig man. he snore snore snore... hehhe jk anyways then we go saloon. i din expect the ppl to make my face up. i just thought i sit thr n jsut wait for everyone. paiseeh!!! i so paiseh i take up everyone esle's time. shiaaaat! sighs tho it was kinda fun hehe :P

lol n it turned out tat it was Mr.Gerald Lee tat recommended the idea of me being in the Oz Ladies since Vanessa was a dancer n an oz lady. mr.bill din wan her doing both cos they were very close timed. hehehehe TNKS MR LEE!!

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