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Saturday, May 13, 2006
SSK.. stupid sejarah khusus 11:11 PM

i hate sejarah khusus.. wat a waste of time.. aduhai.. hehe im only saying tis cos i had to do my sejarah overnite. haha i noe its my fault for not starting it earlier but honestly i bet half the class or three quarters did theirs extremely last minute. i noe for a fact bcos everyone was online till like 3am doing their sejarah. hahaha as for me, im proud to say i slept at 5.30am!! heheh eleanore din sleep at all jsut continued doing it then wen straight to skool. hahaha so kolian!

i slept only 1hour but still i was the most drowsy person in class. i dunoe how eleanore n sam managed to stay fully awake throughout skool. haha i fell asleep in Connie Lau's class, Vivien Ng's class and Henry Wong's class. hahaha none of them caught me except connie lau. eyes like a hawk. lol so paisehh.. anwyays after all tat i still FORGOT to print out my lampiran, my rujukan, my penghargaan AND my cover!

i had to come bck during lunch just do to them THEN.... in my haste.. i completely forgot to print out my cover.. wat an idiot rite? sighs.. now hafta pass up on monday.. hope henry wong not pissed.. aduh.. so forgetful..

hehe then last nite thr was tis huge huge parade or smtg. the buddhist thingy. wow it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LONG! we were all at cikguwong's at the time. hahah she rushed us out earlier to ask us go home b4 the crowd came. but just bcos we go out of tuition early doesnt mean our parents would instantly arrive anyway rite? so we wasted like 15mins just looking at the parade. no offense to buddhist ppl but thr were these statues thingys tat freaked me out. i couldnt even look at them..

anyway i knew thr was no way my parents was gona pick me up on time so i decided to get a ride frm joyce's car. so many many many ppl walking in the streets. crazy wonder how long they walk.. lol so many ppl.. aduhai.. traffic jam the whole area lol. hmmmm so wat esle is new? just got bck frm church like 2hrs ago.. tat was fun. so long havnt gone to a prayer meeting. =) hmm yea guess tats bout it. oh well LaTeRsSsss...