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Tuesday, May 30, 2006
watever :) 8:47 PM

hmm been tinking bout wat i wrote in my last post. for the 1st time, im gona add another post to my blog in a day. hmm was driving round tabuan wif my sis looking for a place to eat. we decided on tabuan jaya thr. we were talking bout life n friends n stuff. strangely my sis had similar issues. kinda weird. hmm lol we talked n talked n somehow wat my parents said was rite. everytime they were rite! crap i hate tat sometimes.. lol wont ever admit to them tho :P heheh

so anyway, turns out my church is still having problems. thr are some police ppl still investigating in some stupid idea my pastor n someone other person is stealing money frm the church. wat the heck? anwayys the story is very long n im not in the mood to type everything out. so bottom line is... im here fussing n complaining bout my stupid lil problems wen my pastor is dealing wif smtg much bigger. i heard they mite even hafta close the church!

my church which is Blessed Church in tabuan jaya is the best church in the world! well in my opinion of cos. i mean the ppl in it are so active n lively. every saturday nite is fun bcos we all like worship together n sing really nice songs together. i mean the atmosphere is perfect. my pastor is very funny n interesting too so tat makes sunday mornings a heck lot more interesting n fun to go to. i really love my church n would very very very dissappointed if it closed down cos of some stupid minor problems tat got big. stupid things... sighs...

i just pray everything will work out n the church will continue. hmm yea tats all i hafta say :) LaTeRsSsss...