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Thursday, November 09, 2006
new layout.. woohoo =) 11:49 PM

yes finaaaally. i got a new layout. i hated my old one so bad cos i saw everyone was changing theirs =( lol anyway. pmr is officially over. feels kinda weird. the famous wonderful KL trip is over too. lol again it feels kinda weird. my pmr.. eeks.. tat one is seriously a blur. i dun wan to tink bout it. i dun wana noe how i did. watever it is.. i just hope it isnt disappointment to my parents. the sejarah paper was a real killer for me. i mite haf written out of point for my bm essay paper. isnt tat just super? lol so u can see why i dun wan to tink bout my pmr at all.

lol moving on to happier things. KL was kinda fun i guess. it made me a 'full girl'. i enjoy shopping now! isnt it a miracle? I ENJOY SHOPPING! omg.. hahah. i got a super nice bag bcos i thought it was cute and rachs always carrying one around so i thought i join the club. lol not to mention, i was desperate to buy smtg. everyone was packing in buying stuff like ear-rings and shoes and slippers and jewellery. i din wan to feel leftout! lol best thing i ever spent on. hmm my roommate was phoebs no doubt. haha yea tat was interesting. had a real heart-to-heart talk bout shit.. HAHAH! omg tnks to marisa's influences! haha

i tried putting up some pics frm the trip but having trouble. anyways im goin to damai for the weekend for izzat's farewell party. haha but its another excuse for me to get out of the house and spend my holidays wif my friends. hehe for once im gona spend the nite thr. pretty amazing tat my dad allow. hmm.. must be getting soft at his age. haha kidding daddy! lol anyways thr is sure to be pics frm thr so thr will be more after tis weekend. till then cya all LaTeRsSsss...

on the F1 circuit. kinda cool i guess

haha we werent suppose to do tat but the teachers werent thr.. so u noe =)

i look stupid here.. dun look

haha at sunway dry theme park. it was kinda fun i guess. tim screamed like a girl -_-

i haf tat!!

on the flight bck to kch

haha they waited so long for me cos i couldnt make up my mind whether or not to buy a top. sighs wish i did now

infront of a mega cool looking mosque

i look so feminine!! im so proud of myself. haha