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Friday, November 24, 2006
oops i did it again 12:13 AM

heyloo. tis post is gona be much more cheerful-ler than my last one. hehe. hmm oh my beloved friend, RACHEL TAN was soooo sweet enough to lend me her One Three Hill season 1 dvds! ahahaha! to those who like it too, haha suck my arse. so niceeee! hahaha i nvr realy watched the whole of One Three Hill so i dun realy noe wat happened and watever. but tnks to rach, im gona find out! whooppeedoohaaa! hehe i was up till 4am watching it the first nite. the 2nd nite i slept at 6.30am. hahah just as the sun was about to come out. haha it was kinda cool. hahaha i guess. gilaa man. but so niceeeeeeee! i love james lafferty.

wen to see Happy Feet yesterday wif the guys. it was okay la i guess. not a movie i would wan to watch again tho. oooh and i kicked the guys arses in pool! woohooo! hehe so fun! i hvnt played since my bro taught me a few years ago. whooopeeedoohaaa! hehe it feels really good to kick guys butts at smtg. hehe. hm i actualy wanted to see The Covenant bcos it looks cool n the guys r hot but they all changed their minds at the last minute. aiyar! so sien!

problem wif goin out wif guys : they dun enjoy watching mvies tat involve hot guys. CRAP!

hmm wen to see Casino Royale at some tiger charity thingy for phoebs sis. loads of ppl wen. haha n i knew the girl would die! tat lesper lyvn or watever. i knew she would die in the end! damnit! should haf bet wif keith. crap crap crap! eva green was pretty tho. daniel craig was alrite i guess. he has a ruggard sense tat makes him hot i guess. hmm wat esle? just came bck frm a mega dinner earlier. hmm wat esle? oh thrs tis senso party thing at hilton on the 6th. hams inviting but i dunoe whether im goin or nt. loads of form5s will be thr. nt exactly fun. but watever. and thrs tis interact dinner thing at telang usan again. the place thr sucks. been thr a couple of times olrdi in the name of interact -_-. hmm hope tat'll be fun.

oh and mite be goin out 2mlo again wif the guys n steph i tink. watching COVENANT tis time! i hope! hmm hopefully can play pool again. im so hooked. feel such a great urge to get up n go play somewhr. sighs. any1 wif a pool table, pls feel free to msg me anytime and i'll be thr =) LaTeRsSsss...