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Wednesday, November 15, 2006
time changes ppl. so y doesnt it change me? 12:57 PM

i realised smtg today.. ppl change.. over time ppl change so easily. and i hate it. truth is, everyone is alone. 'friends forever'.. wat a bunch of crap. i mean the ones tat i noe of. i wanted to watch a movie today, the covenant but i couldnt find someone to go wif me. i had an argument wif an annoying idiot over the phone. im so sick of tis. im so sick of everything. im sick of being alone. im sick of being in my house alone all day. im sick of my so-called friends not being thr for me wen i wan them to be. im just sick of it! u noe.. i was so naive wen i was younger. my mum constantly reminded me olrdi tat friends. dun depend on them. u'll end up getting hurt. family is wat u can depend on. no matter how bad u get into a fight wif them.. eventually the whole thing will be resolved cos the opponent is ur own blood.

so naive. i was too influenced by the western shows. stuff like 'oh friends forever' rubbish. its all crap. family.. those r the ppl u can realy count on no matter wat. sad thing is.. i was realy hoping my mum wasnt rite. turns out.. she has tasted all the different salts of the world. haha direct translation frm foochow language. sighs.. i wish God would be bless me wif someone real. no one fake. just real. genuine. tats wat i wan for xmas. haha. oh n i wan 7As for xmas too. =) sighs good news is my parents are coming bck 2mlo! wif diana! woohoo! its gona be so fun. sighs.. wish i had a dog now. hahah sighs

it was only after ordering an extremely fattening McD foldover tat i felt better. oh plus an episode of oprah winfrey of cos. sighs. i wana be like her. helping ppl. being able to help ppl. i bet shes nvr alone. always surrounded by ppl who admire her. i wan tat in life. i wana be someone important. someone who is admired by ppl. someone who inspires ppl. hmm. i wan tat life.

sighs LaTeRsSsss...