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Saturday, December 09, 2006
durians.. durians.. FRIGGING DURIANS! 12:23 AM

its raining durians!! at least it is in my household. haha tnks to diana, we haf our very own personal source of delicious scrumptious durians! haha! its kinda of a long story n funny one but i cant talk bout it. haha sighs. anyways just ate some and im so friggin stuffed! im lyk stuffed to the max of the max. sighs. feel lyk puking. wish i can puke. damnit. just got bck frm church

haha stupid janalyn keep msging me. haha in the middle of church, she msg me say 'fuck! im at right side. i wan go left side la!'. haha i start laughing lyk shit. haha so craazy. hahaha! tonite is youth nite. haha i wen wif diana n jane. kinda fun i guess. hvnt been to youth nite since .. forever. haha and wei hong intro-ed us!! craaap! so paiseh! hafta stand up n sit down again. my whole face red arr.. aduhai. paiseh paiseh lol stupid

hmm day before, i woke up at 6.30am-ish then wen bck to sleep. woke up again at 7.30am-ish then slept again. then chun chun at 8am, sineado called me.


haha i just lied n said 'yea yea olrdi lor.'

hahaha suppose to meet up and go to batu kawah to play bball. lol gila so far i noe. but its fun!!! well at least the 2nd day i wen was fun. some other guys wen. hmm at first, everyone called tis other guy 'ga ga' or 'ah ga'. haha i was lyk trying to tink. his name is 'ga ga'? hahahaah but turns out its EDGAR! ceeehhhhh!! thought wat. then his friend was shawn and jan's cousin samuel WHO IS SO CUTE! hahah hes so cute.

hmm 'ga ga' or 'ah ga' said my shooting damn chun. wah.. i feel so happy wen he say. hahaha hes frigging good btw. he trashed the batu kawah boys. and hes only 13yrs old. gilaaaa. haha overall, it was realy fun cos i got to get out of the house and hangout wif other ppl bsides my regular friends n family. janalyn is gila man. lol stupid funny idiot! and i just found out she goes to BLESSED CHURCH TOO! SAME AS ME!! =O ahhaha yaaaay! now i got a new friend. woohooo. lol. i was asking God for one in church since miffy left. woohoooo! tnks God btw =D

neways got some pics of the durian fiasco. naiti im still so full. shit! how to lose weight lyk tis? cham lor. aiyaaar. watever la.

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my handmaded bday pressie for ash =) appreciate it arsehole! lol kidding

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dun they look heavenly? yum yum!

she wouldnt leave me alone.....

if u cant beat 'em, join 'em!

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at first, they were just happy lil durians. sitting in the sun but then.. *scary music* they met SANDRA NGU AND DIANA NGU! mwaaahah! the aftermath =P

shes everywhere i tell u! everywhere!!!!