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Thursday, December 28, 2006
jeepers creepers 1:37 AM

hmm the time is 1.41am. i am watching Table For Three wif my sis right now. i wonder wat i will be doing tomorrow... ? u noe.. after the PMR results are out i mean. hmmm im not nervous.. im not worried.. im just... ME! i dun get it. mayb its cos i dun give a damn. mayb its cos i tink i noe wat the outcome is. hmm i dunoe. lifes a mystery. recently on xmas day, in church, this lil kid was just baptised and so he was giving his testimony.

he said smtg like 'I join a lot of academic competitions in my school. and everytime, i pray before and after it. i ask God to guide me and help me.'

so obviously he always get top and prizes. he seems like a smart kid. wears glasses and goofy grin. he kinda got me. i mean i never thought of praying like tat. i mean i do when i feel in trouble but i never considered praying constantly. like for all the times i feel i need help. only certain times i would pray. hmmm so i was tinking.. if it worked for him, y not me? my pastor says prayer is the most powerful thing. the kid even added smtg 'to me, praying is the two way thing. its how i communicate wif God.'

and tat hit me too. its weird how little things like tis can affect u. i mean i knew all tis but.. i just din noe it. u get me? i heard of it so many times so its like engraved in my brain but i never thought bout it. hmmm so im gona pray. =) im gona pray like hell for tomorrow. i dun noe the outcome but im praying its a good one. hmm i honestly wonder wat im gona be doing tomorrow after the results. hmm guess theres only one way to find out. and tats in approximately 8 hrs time. hmm kinda strange. my future is gona be decided in 8hrs. lol. it used to be 257 days. haha according to cikgu danny and fred. now its just 8 hrs. wow. lol anyways im gona go. getting alil too dramatic for my own good. hmm if ure reading tis.. pray for me =P i could use it =) LaTeRsSsss...