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Saturday, December 16, 2006
lodge vs batu kawa 5:40 PM

hm phoeb just left. ahha we were playing poker. so fun =) haha i cleaned her out lyk 3 times.. of cos she cleaned me out even more. -_- but she noes the game mah! i just learnt! anyawys got up early and wen breakfast then changed and wen to ACS building to pick up the team. omg.. emm and see chin were SO LATe! tania also! diana lyk blowing up olrdi in the car but tnk God it was my understanding,patient and kind mum who was driving. still.. it pissed me. wat the heck? i said 12pm and ended up the 3 arrived at 12.40pm. piss me off man.

tats the last time im doing tat again. -_- anyways the game was alrite i guess. just i sprinted too much in the beginning. nearly died in the 4th quarter. ahha yaay! im happy to announce i managed to reject some of the batu kawa-ers. lol haha and scored a few baskets. sighs. the score was 37-47. not bad la seeing tat none of us haf trained or played much due to PMR and SPM

sighs. the boys were rite after our game. theirs was much more interesting cos it was a neck and neck score. in the end, it was 61-65. so sad. by 4 points only. so anyways it was realy tiring for me. so out of shape.. crap -_- need to exercise now.. i tink if we had janalyn and tiff chuo.. we mite haf won. sighs. well.. i tink the most fun of the day was playing poker wif phoeb. haha realy fun!!! its all luck and how good u can bluff in tis game. hahaha SO FUN!

bsides tat, bart is back! yep tat NZ guy whose CUTE,HOT,CHARMING! lol *incase he reads my blog*. lol hmm wen out wif him and yiyang and phoebs the first day. played pool and archery tat day. my first time at archery. wah.. so hard to pull the arrow back. lol my whole arm was shaking and tingling. and i discovered tat the racing game in the arcade IS ALOT OF FUN! haha its soooo fun! hahah and addictiive. hmm

then wen out wif the guys n steph. played pool and coffebeaned and arcaded. tat was the day b4 the form 3 so-called-prom at One Three Hill. din attend tat 'important' function. keith n charley later msged me to go out watch movie cos the party sucked. but tim said it was fun so i haf no idea -_-. oh and on tat nite, everyone met at ashs house to go to Winner's Court to play badminton at around 8pm. i picked up bart and find out tat his house was in a walking distance of mine! WOOHOO!! lol at the court, bart was exceptionally good. or mayb it was bcos we all jsut suck. lol but he was realy good at badminton. kinda funny too. keith wen all pro and wore all those bandy-thingys. lol so cute =)

oh and i fell while running to escape the screaming siren alarm at my basement. i fell on the sharp steps and AH-BA-KONG-ED my knee and ankle. sooo blooody painful. i was soooooooooooooooooo scared i broke or fractured smtg. lol seems silly now but at the time it made more sense than Britney Spears marrying K-Fed. i cried and cried by myself expecting a knight in shining armor to come and swoop me off my feet and ride into the setting sunset together. LOL! but i honestly was expecting someone to come and help me. to my disappointment, no one came ='( so i struggled to get to my feet and then laid down in the living room in the comfort of my soft pillows and comfy blankets. such bliss. lol my knee now is still blue-black or at least yellow-blue. lol i took a pic of it wif my hp but i cant transfer to my comp. will find another way. =)

tats all for now =D LaTeRsSsss...