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Sunday, March 11, 2007
bball bug bit me! 12:32 AM

wow.. i had such a great time at the interschool competiton. i should haf joined last year! its so fun!! =) get to meet some cool ppl from other schools. got to meet old friends from bball. sighs so fun! if only it hadnt ended so quick. i skipped 2 days of school btw. haaha! btw cikgu mong's car really really does smell like WET DOG! not just dog. but WET DOG! GROSS! and got fur stuck on the cushion again. hahaha zhi li's back collected a few. kinda funny =) his car so dirty la.. honestly.. gross. zhi li so scared he rape her or smtg. haha everyoen avoids getting a ride wif him. so sad but its life so yeah deal wif it =P

hmm wat esle? oo i realised smtg new too during the comp. i realised tat i apparently turn chicks on. hmmm.. yes i noe. there's smtg wrong wif tat sentence. haha yep

I,Sandra Ngu turn chicks on.

hahaha its kinda cool in a way i guess. i mean.. the upside is im so foxy/sexay i turn girls on. haha but.. still.. its a lil weird. hahahahaahah ling ling was real fun to hangout wif. she stood by me in the scorching hot sun, telling me lesbian news and warnings and jokes. hahaha it was great really. made me wish i hadnt quit last year

hmm wat else? oh on the last day,friday we played hookie! my last event which was shot putt was at 8am so it ended around 10am or so. we followed jan's extremely comfortable van to McDs. haha it was fun. then we took a cab to hock lee! haha we wen to the arcade. siaw i noe. then some chung hua girls came too. it was kinda fun i guess. the chung hua girls were all so hyper and fun. lol btw i totally kicked nelson and diandra's arses in the game.. wats it called? the disc thingy? u hafta avoid it from going into ur hole but try to get it into ur opponent's hole? lol sounds wrong but hey tats the rules!

we wanted to go play bball somewhere but there was no where to play and no ball so in the end, we went back to the stadium. hahaah cikgu mong saw us from the other side of the stadium through his BINOCULARS! HAHA! how creepy is tat? he prolly uses it to check girls out. FREA-AKY! lol poor zhi li. hahaa cikgu mong is totally into her