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Saturday, March 31, 2007
Sentosa VS Batu Kawa 12:21 AM

sighs exams are nxt week. i dun get mitosis and meisos completely yet. so much things to memorise. joel made me confuse bout chemistry. naiiiti... someone just save me and give me the answer sheet. sighs.. exam exam exam.

just got back from the match, Sentosa VS Batu Kawa. sighs.. 45-40.. sighs sighs. btw i got fouled out in the ending of the 3rd quarter. sighs so annoyed. shot only ONE basket in. missed a million. rejected afew only. sighs... coach is disappointed. he kept shouting 'SET! SET!' but lyk most of us forgot what the set was. haha the whole formation and strategy. we tried doing it but most of everyone esle just couldnt bother. they just ignored him and continue with their play.

sighs. hmm ling ling and crystal were in the stands. so was my MUM! ahhaha pressure to play better. at the end of the game, even she said i sucked -_-" said i was too soft. must be more rough. -_-" i thought i was rough enough. sighs. u noe smtg is wrong when ur own mum criticises you. lol

oh well.. just found out that Ling Ling is representing KUCHING in discus and shot putt. lyk omg. im so not joining nxt year's interschool.. or maybe i will just for fun to kacau her and try make her laugh so cant throw far. hahaahaha! wow man. you should see the schedule she has. morning bball training for under 16, under 18 and OPEN comp. naiiti. i hear my ears want drop off. crazy not to mention, she has discus and shot putt training in the afternoon. WAHLAU!! hahaha crazy man. shes going to sarikei for the discus thing. so cool. wish i could follow somehow but not do anything. hehe cos i want see my cousin in sarikei. sighs madness


got game again on sunday at 2pm. VS sm science. hope they suck. hahaha. ok i vow, that in tat game i will :

be more rough but not breaking-jaws-n-killing-lil-ppl-rough
try to aim before shooting (lyk duh! -_-)
haha stop swearing if someone hits me (confession!)
slow down my pace
make conversation and get to noe my teammates better

lol lyk duh. LaTeRsSsss...