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Sunday, March 25, 2007
Sungai Maong VS Kuching High 6:58 PM

..just got back from the game. its over already so now is princeton vs.. some other school la or club watever. wahlau.. k la i talk bout the game

wen to breakfast. couldnt finish my laksa lol cos i guess i was too nervous or smtg. then go church. then go janalyn house cos jan forgot her IC and hair scrunchie. stupid idiot. lol then go MBKS. met up wif the rest of the players. did alil warm-up outside. everythings cool and friendly and stuff. btw at the time, the chung hua team was playing against some other school and the final score was like 88-18.. or smtg lyk tat. i only noe they were leading by 70+ points!!!

i suck shit. i only shot in like 1 basket and tat still makes me sucky and stupid and lousy. i shot so many but none went in. NAITIII!!! so sien! and embarrassing. oh and some girl frm kch high no.10 cut my arm wif her SHARP SHARP fingernails. one of the twins got scratched too but the stupid referee did ntg bout it. stupid guy man.

i din realise but the game was like a tie... someone leading.. then tie again. lol so exciting. in like the 3rd quarter, im lyk so frigging dying but coach just wouldnt swap me wif stella. omg i was so tired. i haf no stamina at all. i havnt been training at all. i SUCK!!!!!!!!! argghh then anyway the final score was lyk 43-40. they were leading by 3points!!! then chun chun someone fouled jin wen so she had 2 free-throws. she missed one but got the other in so it was 43-41. when she missed the 2nd free-throw, the ball bounced off the ring and onto some kch high girl but she lost control of the ball so stella immediately snatched it frm her. she shot once.. missed. then she got the ball again and shot again. SCORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tat means 43-43!!! and btw.. wen jin wen was doing the free-throw.. it was only like 7secs left!!! then stella shot the ball in like 3secs!! i nearly died. haha i screamed lyk a frigging idiot wen she got it in. lol everyone did. it was cool but.. it wasnt over yet. tis just meant we had extra 5mins to finish the game.

ending ending.
in the 5mins.. like in the 4th or 3rd min i fell to the floor cos my right leg cramped up. i chun chun jumped and fell cos my whole right leg was cramped. so frigging painful. lol at tat time, i din care who was next to me. i just shouted in pain and even cried alil. haha embarrassing la. but at the time SO FRIGGING PAINFUL. wats more paiseh. i was so heavy ppl had trouble lifting me up lol. talk bout embarrassing but at the time i couldnt give more shit. then they continued the game. i just remained on the floor cheering and shouting for sungai maong. hahah then somehow we won. lol even in like 8secs left, everyone on kch high just gave up. so stella easily shot a 3pointer in making the score 43-49 i tink. lol

ending ending ending.
after the game i hopped my way to LingLing who was sitting in the stands wif her chung hua friends. we talked crap and then Florence came and they all kept disturbing me bout Sonyi. lol so annoying. then much later, Florence left. only me and LingLing and her chung hua friends. we were watching princeton play. then suddenly both my legs cramped up. WHILE I WAS SITTING DOWN DOING NTG BUT TRYING TO OPEN A LIME 100PLUS! lol i fell to the floor and started shouting again. lol so embarrassing. nikki n some other girl n kiongkongs sis quickly come and help me. lol so embarrasing i tell u. and it too so long for the pain to go away. actually i still feel the cramp just it hurts less now and i hafta be extra careful wen walking. naitii so annoying one. haiyor paiseh. but on the bright side, we WON and i got to meet some other cool ppl from other schools and stuff and i got to experience my 1st cramp.. and 1st double cramp.. so i guess in a way.. its all good. =) sighs life goes on. LaTeRsSsss...