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Saturday, May 26, 2007
4C's philosophy 12:31 PM

hahaha listen to this:

question : find study.

study = no fail

no study = fail

using simultaneous equation,

study + no study = no fail + fail


study(1 + no) = fail(no+1)

therefore, study = fail

brendan msged tis to me when i asked him why he wasnt studying for the sejarah and physics test the nxt day. haha funny guy. gave me a good laugh.

btw tonight is the Lodge Musical Evening thing. saw it yesterday during Teachers Day.i wasnt planning on going but since i heard everyone was going, i felt lyk i should just go too. luckily peggy wasnt going so i bought my ticket from her. so yeah. haha hope tonight is fun. my sexy cousin, AJ is singing! hes the first performance and hes hot and sweet! so ladies, if u want, i have his number =) haha

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