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Saturday, May 05, 2007
they wan me back! 9:59 PM

ling ling called me up the other day. they want me back! the kuching bball coach i mean. he was asking around for me and i know ling ling best so i guess tats y she was the one who called me. WHOOOOPEEEEE!! hahah it feels so good to be asked again. sighs =)

the only problem... I CANT GO. my mum wont let me. coincidentally report card day was the day before she called me up. so my mum was still moody over my report card which i still say wasnt tat bad! i din fail anything! felicia siaw said i improved in my chemistry and mr willy said i improved in my bm essay. sighs

the competition is going to be held in Miri tis year. 2years back when i first joined, it was held in Kuching. Thank God! being my first time, i dunoe wat i would haf done if they shipped us to Perak or smtg to play. i tink last year's competition was held in Perak. not quite sure. sighs anyway the competition is under 16 which means i wont be able to play next year.

arggggh.. it does sound like a lot of fun. besides i know some of the players already so it wont be like uncomfortable and stuff but the 2nd problem is its going to be held during the gawai holidays. im goin to Taiwan during the gawai hols!! theres no way i can go. so i wasnt really bummed on not goin to the kch tryouts. i mean taiwan or miri? hmm i tink i go wif taiwan ;)

besides i havnt touched the ball in ages. honestly. since the whole under16 comp wif sungai maong and sentosa. i havnt played ball in skool since... i tink feb. hahaha so sad. btw ling ling told me tat leonard was asked to go to the tryouts too. cool no wonder tat guy is pretty skillful wif the ball but i heard his weakness is he doesnt haf stamina. owells

anyways im just happy the coach asked for me. feels good =P

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