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Friday, July 06, 2007
exams... 9:24 PM

bloody frig.. what the hell man?

add maths
hardest paper involving numbers i ever sat for. paper 1 was alrite la but paper 2 was like tat bomb tat dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. waiseh my history so good =P tnks to the Pearl Harbour movie. anyways ARGH! add maths! add maths can jst suck my arse la. so annoyed. sighs jst hope somehow i got a pass or smtg -_-

hmm not bad. i was expecting something much harder. bless mr.Tan Ai Shang's and mr.Willy Liew's heart for giving us ok questions. but i dont noe what is 'wahana' and 'bahana' and 'lancang' and i dunoe wat the unsur bunyi is for seloka pak kaduk. arghh but other than tat i tink i did ok. the essay paper was ok too. question 1 was a syarahan about 'langkah-langkah mencegah jenayah' and question 2 was a question about how traditional games are slowly extincting and how can we try and bring the hip back into congkak. hahah i did question 1!! cos i jst read an example of a syarahan essay so i knew the perfect canggih pendahuluan! =D yipeee!

stupid est man.. i got the format wrong!!!! i wrote a report format when i should haf been writing an article format. omg im so irritated. tat section was like 30marks man!!! ah wtvr la. i was so drowsy also. having to study and panic like mad for bm -_- sighs and jst wen i was finished and was about to doze off into my imaginary wonderland whr rupert grint tinks noes i exist and chad michael murray dumped his gf to be wif me.... annoying emily jong goes 'OK CLASS TIME TO PUT DOWN UR PENS!' arrggggh... jst not my day

btw HAPPY BIRTHDAY RADHIE!!! =) sry i forgot. bloody exams got my brain all screwed up! happy bday man =)

from ashs bday party at magenta in 05'

joeys memorable mooncake festival bash in 05'

u guys look sooo young here =)

KL trip 06' =D

matang trip in 05' a million years ago =)


i love this pic of the 4 of us =) and ham trying to be a part of it. haha i miss tis!