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Saturday, July 14, 2007
i met MTV VJs colby and denise!! 12:11 PM

hahaha i dunoe why but im like so estatic rite now. ok i had a bday sleepover at riverside for phoebs late celebration due to bloody exams. ok anyway long story short.. I MET COLBY AND DENISE! HAHAAAAA!!

colby looks really really really good in real life. his face is lyk so perfect. totally hunk material but he looked alil egoistic too. i dunoe. but tats just my first impression. he wasnt smiley or anything lyk when hes on mtv hosting and stuff. hmm anyways i got up to throw a piece of tissue paper when another familiar face was walking towards me. btw i was in riverside lobby waiting for my mum. ok anyways i barely even looked at the person but then i paused for a moment thinking she looked familiar. i looked at her again and kind of stared i suppose.

lol hope to God she din notice. anyways turned out to be denise!!! haha i couldnt even remember her name at first till i msged rach bout it and she said 'denise?' hahah anyways she looked so.. wow. i mean she doesnt look ordinary. she looks lyk someone who values fashion seriously and noes bout the fashion industry lyk how u should dress and wear ur makeup and accessories or watever. neways i was jst dumbfounded. wat are the chances of me running into MTV VJs? in kuching?!!! in RIVERSIDE?!?!?!?! hahahah

colby was standing by the door, sorta muttering a few words to the bellboy or whoever. anyways later he got into a cab along wif a female companion followed by denise. hehehehe it only hit till after they got into their car to quickly snap a photo! haha shit! i din even haf a camera! if only phoebs was wif me! she had a camera and the guts to ask them for a picture! CRAAAAP! hhaha owells i had a brush wif fame and i just let it slide. owells im ok wif it. haha neways the 2 looked kinda unfriendly. its prolly jst me but they seem really high-maintenanced. haha i dunoe. mayb im crazy but just a first impression. hmm.. colby is really cute! his facial features are lyk.. *drool* haha denise jst looks real hip and fashionable. hmm
btw i did snap a photo but its not super clear cos i din wan to make it so obvious tat i was taking their pic. the pic is them sitting in their cab! btw the cab number plate is HQ1723!! haha told my mum go buy 4D. hahahaahahahahahah jst kidding =P

haahaha cool =)