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Saturday, October 27, 2007
its nearly the end of october 5:42 PM

hmm ok so yesterday was the final day of exams!! yipeee!!! no more stupid exams! i haf learnt to appreciate sleep more during the whole examination week. omg i totally freaked out while studying add maths bcos i jst was so scared of failing again like i did last term -_- so embarrassing. and yes elvina never lets me forget it -_-"

anyway we went to des house after school yesterday to hang out. rach n phoeb brought along dvds lyk 'wat a girl wants' and 'my wife is a gangster 3'. hahaha we watched phoebs one WHICH WAS SO DAMN FUNNY!! my wife is a gangster 3 is lyk half chinese wif half korean and alil bit of english. it stars tat girl from the movie 'so close' and tat guy wif his head bleeding in '300 pounds beauty'. haha its seriously so funny

hmm was suppose to go to jocelyn's bday party at hilton tat nite but i got a msg from a friend saying tat we had a game the same nite -_- lol so had to go home and rush to tabuan jaya whr lingling they all were gona pick me up and then we drive to batu kawa. naiti so far away. lol rachel (shit i forgot her chinese name again) -_- was like studying physics the whole way in the car bcos her exams JST start the nxt day. so sad.. hahaha poor thing. discovered tat we both haf smtg incommon.. we HATE PHYSICS! lol lingling was jst being annoying as usual ;)

hahaah so wen we got thr, we were lyk the earliest!!!! wat the heck? lol so goofed around and i got my jersey. i love it so much. the material is very good unlike my previous jerseys lyk shorts tat stick to ur butt wen ure sweating or jerseys tat are sweat-proof. lol very comfy. haha then i found out we were playing against the team which is lyk the best female players tat i noe of. im talking lyk.. they haf the queen of 3pointers, the queen of lay-ups, the playmaker queen. ahhaa the everything queen! haah omg but it was okay la the game. we lost by 30points but tat isnt alot actually.. well to me at least. lol

then had trouble finding a ride back but in the end lingling saved my ass. then went to my cousins house and stayed thr till lyk 11pm o smtg. nearly fell asleep thr cos i felt so tired. arggh.. now tat exams over.. i CAN DO ALL THE THINGS I WANTED TO DO DURING EXAMS! which include:

- downloading kyle xy season 2
- reading rachs book 'the gift' and eragon
- watching 'wat a girl wants'
- go star and play pool
- playing basketball

=) LaTeRsSsss...