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Tuesday, October 09, 2007
PAPER 3!!!! 11:01 PM

arggh chemistry paper 3 tomolo!! PLUS sejarah test chap 6!! PLUS got a bball game same nite! ARRGGGHHH!!!

hehe im so free.. everyone cramming lyk shit and im online friendstering and blogging. ahha im only blogging cos i jst found out recently tat i haf a very loyal reader. haha so must give her smtg to read.

neways will talk more bout the other paper 3 papers some other time.
till then laters and pls pray for me tat i will pass wif flying colours tomorrow for both papers!!! hehe

really la.. wat am i still doing online? already 11.03pm and i havent read through my sejarah yet. kk la. good luck everyone whose sitting for paper 3 tomorrow!!! =)