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Friday, November 30, 2007
hannah montana 10:55 PM

hey u guys probably heard of Hannah Montana from the disney channel right? u probably will if u haf either a kid sister or bro. anyways last night for some unknown reason, i started viewing some videos of miley cyrus, the actress who plays hannah montana on tv. basically, hannah montana is about this female teenager who lives a double life. on the outside, miley stewart is jst a normal 14year old girl but she has an alter ego which is a famous pop singer, namely Hannah Montana.

i noe it sounds cheesy and lame but her songs are actually pretty good. i mean her songs have real messages in them, you know? its not all bout love or breakups or boyfriends or girlriends. you know stuff tat are pretty much wat todays songs are all about. eg. britney spear's 'gimme more' video. lol need i say more? no, miley's songs are about self confidence etc. everything young kids and even some teens can relate to.

for eg. heres a video of her singing 'Nobodys Perfect'. again the words are so simple but the message is there.

another song i like alot is 'If We Were A Movie'. my fave actually

heres a clip of the episode when the Jonas Brothers were on Hannah Montana

btw the Jonas Brothers are new and Nick Jonas who is the youngest, 15 now, has a really great voice. go download his song 'Dear God'. he sang it wen he was jst a little kid and so his voice still hasnt broke yet but its really sweet and angelic and innocent. heres a clip of him singing it in 2005 which means when he was only 13 years old. wow believe tat =)

heres another which is 'When You Look Me In The Eyes'. lol its my blogs background song btw

lol this whole hannah montana thing makes me kinda wish i had my disney channel back on astro =( lol owell its 12.23am and i need to sleep if i wana wake up for my 5 hour lecture on driving tomorrow morning. the instructor will be picking me up at 8.30am!! -_-" lol too early for me.. sighs owells if it means allowing me to roam the streets of kuching in my car, no problemo =D