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Saturday, November 17, 2007
i'll nvr see them the same way again 11:12 PM

lol okay so my mums currently in KL wif diana for fun and since her exams are near, dad thought it be a good idea to send mum out to check up on her and stuff. diana's like the most hardworking and determined person i know so like no duh.. i'm sure her results will be like super good as usual.. just another record i will be forced to break infuture -_-.. haha im sounding like im angry and hate her.. haha BUT IM NOT!

lol anyway so its just me and daddy in kuching. hmm total father-daughter bonding time =) since my other siblings returned from their hols to come back home, i've been totally thinking about the future and how my life will take a drastic turn after form 5. i mean i will be like a stranger to home and be living my own life etc. hmm so yeah im trying to make up for the time ive taken for granted with my parents. hahaha so far the whole father-daughter bonding has.. gone quite well i suppose. hahaha

okay so first off, if anyone noes me, they'll noe i cant cook for nuts. i even face problems cooking maggie mee wif a stove. its like im hazardous to all cooking utensils EXCEPT the microwave oven. i cant tell you how many times it has saved me from starvation. lol anyway okay so back to the point of this whole post, my dad bought some mangoes at tabuan desa thr and a watermelon. okay no big deal but he told me to slice and dice 'em up. lol as in skin them and cut into edible smaller pieces. hahahaahahahahahahahaha

okay im going to sound lyk a brat but i was nearly in tears after half an hour of attempting to prepare the mangoes! haha first off, 3 out of 4 were too ripe so they were like soft and really squisy. lol i tried to skin them and when i finally did, i sort of disfigured them while i was trying to get a firm grip on them. hahaha! i did managed to slice up 3-5 miserable slices of mango but they tasted terribly (i tasted them beforehand). so i decided to toss the whole thing but the last mango was perfect but i only managed to get 3-4 slices out of it. hahahaah i couldnt stop grinning like a proud fool when i saw my accomplisment. haha the grin when away when i saw my dads reaction. he started off by saying 'OMG!' then i tink he realised he mite hurt my feelings etc. so he just clammed shut and just ate insilence. haha honestly my dads such a sweet heart. hahaaa lol at least the watermelon was easier!

haha so the morale of the story is mangoes suck and watermelons rule!

lol this afternoon, we went to choice premier and bought a bunch of chicken gizzards. okay i loved gizzards as a kid but as ive grown older, my taste for them has grown less over the years. my dad had tis sudden craving for them so i was put incharge again of preparing them. first off, i have NEVER cleaned a chicken gizzard before let alone a dozen of them. so i just tried my best and removed whatever felt slimey and dirty. haha after like the 13th one, the smell suddenly arose. it was disgusting. smelt like ammonia or smtg. gross so as you can guess, my taste for gizzards immediately vanished. after cleaning and boiling them, i ate like 5-6. tat was enough to make me never want to look at a chicken gizzard again -_- honestly i wish my mum would just hurry up and get her ass back home. i cant cook. who am i kidding? sighs the whole experience taught me to pay more attention to my mum when shes preparing dinner and appreciate her more for her cooking skills and marvel at her patience and tolerance of small things like the smell of the frigging disgusting gizzard on my hands. -_- mummy i love you please please come back now!!! =(


me : dad, what do you think about the Bermuda Triangle?

dad : I know all about the Bermuda Triangle

*i gesture him to go on*

dad : Well, i believe that there is some sort of magnetic pull or energy there. That's what makes the technologies of mankind go haywire whenever they are near the Bermuda Triangle, for eg. the compasses. Place a compass next to a magnet and the compass is useless.

me : Yeah but how do you explain the disappearances of aircrafts and ships that pass through that area? They all just seem to disappear into thin air. Something must have caused that, right?

dad : That's easy to explain. The electrical machines in the aircrafts would go berserk when they're in that location. They could just easily crash into the sea and that'll be nearly impossible to find the remains. The ships could have easily faced the same problems and had an accident and sunk.

me : But how do you explain the same ships that claimed to disappear suddenly reappears years later with the entire crew gone? There have been several of these incidents where the whole ship is in perfect condition but no crew members are on it.

dad : What's to say one of the crew members didn't just go against the crew and they all jumped off the ship due to force or no other options?

me : Fine, if they was a fight or whatever, wouldn't there be any evidence of a struggle onboard?

dad : Good point, but the cases where ships with no crew members found near the Bermuda Triangle location were dated many many years ago. The people back then wouldn't have the type of high class equipment we have now to do a thorough investigation.

me : Fine fine fine so you don't believe in anything magical or strange happening in the Bermuda Triangle?

dad : No, i believe in science and i say there must be some sort of magnetic force or pull there like a volcanoe or something. Nothing more.

me : How about Atlantis? Do you believe in that?

dad : Yes, infact i do. I believe that it existed and that it was destroyed by a huge tsunami.

me : But I thought they said there was this sort of force field that supposedly protected them from the tsunami?

dad : *grin* Apparently not.

me : Fine, how about aliens?

dad : That i believe because we can't be the only life forms on this universe. They have found water in Mars, meaning there is life form there. Wherever there is water, that means some sort of organism would be living. Mars will be our next habitat(he said smtg lyk tat).

me : How about the monsters that will try eat and kill and eventually eliminate the human race? (referring to movies like 'Aliens', 'Mars Attack!' etc.)

dad : The only signs of life forms that have been discovered in Mars are worms..

me : *muttering* .. yeah man-eating worms..

dad : *continues* .. and they are in the forms of bacteria.

me : How do you explain the many hundred of cases where people claim to have been kidnapped by these aliens and experimented on?

dad : I, for one do not believe them. They're what you call sadists.

me : Okay how about Big Foot?

dad : Yes, i believe it exists. But they are merely overly-large orang utan-s, nothing more. But seeing as how their sightings are growing faint, i guess their species are dying.

me : Weren't there some reports of it existing in Johor???

dad : Nahh, Big Foot can be found anywhere in the world.

me : How about dragons??

dad : Yep, we have the lizards as evidence. We even have flying lizards.

me : Yeah yeah, i saw this documentary where some scientist in London i think actually FOUND the skeleton of a dragon in a cave up high in the Himalaya-s i think. By observing the surroundings of the cave and the artifacts found, this guy was able to analyse and predict accurately what happened to the dragon before it met its end. It was amazing.

dad : Yep, dragons did exist but they're just extinct.

me: Okay what esle? Hmm.. how about witches? Wizards? Witchcraft?

dad : You mean like Harry Potter? Of course, but in the form of chemistry and craftyness.

me : Hmm.. cool.