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Saturday, December 08, 2007
"Between Your Legs" 12:46 PM

*** Between your legs****
Everybody.. lets get this started and see what creative movie titles we can come up with.. here's the rules.. think up a movie title(ANY movie title), and add "Between Your Legs" to the movie title..ill get it goin...continue to forward this!!!

Kate: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Between Your Legs.

Len: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly Between Your Legs

Big John: Super Bad Between your legs

Cindy :- Rush Hour Between Your Legs

Patrick :- Gone with the wind Between your legs

Carl :- Finding Nemo Between your legs

Damian:- Mad MAx Between your legs

David:- Armageddon Between your legs

Andre: - 300 Between your legs

Trace: - Dirty Dancing Between your legs...

Amy: Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure Between Your Legs

Jordy: Midnight Express Between your legs

Joshua: Training Day Between your legs

Callie: Cruel Intentions Between your Legs

Tom: Final Fantasy Between your legs

Garrett: The Abyss Between your legs

Scotty: Groundhog Day Between Your Legs

Samuel : SNATCH between your legs

Lida: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days between your legs

Lachy: The Abyss between your legs

Irene: Sixth Sense between your legs

Danni: Bad Santa Between your legs

Liz: Dazed and Confused Between Your Legs

Daniel: Hunt for Red October Between Your Legs

Azza: Idiot Box Between Your Legs

Archie: The Fearless Vampire Killers or Pardon me, You Have Your Teeth Stck In My Neck Between Your Legs

Meg: Bad Eggs Between your Legs

jezza:mullet bttween your legs

Pascal: Bad Trip Between your legs

pu3: Harry Potter Between Your Legs!!!

Farman: Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) Between your legs

Regina: 6th sense between your legs

Anoop: Cool Runnings between your legs

Ashwin: 10 things i hate about you between your legs

bren: 2fast2furious between your legs

sandra : bedazzled between your legs
doom between your legs
the window between your legs
enchanted between your legs
i am legend between your legs

ahahah all i can tink of. if u guys haf any funnier movies tat sounds perfect wif this, feel free to post it in ur blog. =) jst thought tis was really funny. lol