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Thursday, December 20, 2007
evidence of mark feehily's coming out of the closet 2:36 PM

and the best looking men award in the 18-30years old category is... MARK FEEHILY!!! aka the guy from Westlife. sighs for people who didn't believe he was gay, HE IS!!! This especially goes out to Evone, Rach and everyone esle who didn't believe me that day at Rach's house! HA! He is, the guy even admitted it okay? Besides, I have pictures to prove it. His boyfriend's name is Kevin McDaid. HA! to Evone again. First of all, I would just like to say how sad I am that he's not straight. I mean, I speak for the female population when I say, we have suffered a tremendous loss. Sorry ladies, but he's off the market. Sighs. You can check out who esle made the cut for the 'best looking people on the planet' award here

This is Mark Feehily. He has the most penetrating blue eyes I've ever seen. He's so cute =(

Okay, so the guy in the other picture is none other than his partner, Kevin McDaid. I think he could do better though.

The happy couple =(

Okay, this picture kind of freaked me out alittle. Girls kissing girls for guys is like a major turn on but vice versa? It just freaks us out. FYI =)

Sighs, I still like Westlife though.