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Wednesday, December 26, 2007
more news frm RED 10:33 AM

Celebs supporting product (RED) =)

you will see a huge poster of Chris Rock everytime you enter a GAP store. lol

Jennifer Garner doing her part. Hot pic though

John Legend with a bunch of African tribe kids

Dixie Chick's own posing with her kids. the only thing i don't quite understand is why they're topless. hmm probably trying to send somekind of message.

I absolutely LOVE Anna Hathaway and her movies. I just love all her movies even though they're mostly kind of childish but I think she's great, beautiful, hilarious and totally kicked arse in 'Devil Wears Prada'. Btw judging from this pic, she can totally model too! =D

Little Miss Sunshine looking awesome in this pic with her teddy. (Btw saw the movie, I don't get it. It's so like unsuitable to little kids bcos of the swearing.. don't think it's a good movie.)

I think his son looks so hot.. I mean of course when he gets older. His son is so cute. haha if only he was older.. sighs if only. Cute family, don't you think?

Not sure who this guy is but hey! His daughter is adorable.

The people behind the magic. You know, I kind of wished I had this posters in my room. They're really inspiring. Esp the anne hathaway one, cause I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HER!! =D