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Saturday, December 08, 2007
wat they feeding in texas? 5:10 PM

over the past few days after watching E!News, i realized that most of todays celebrities originated from texas. i mean, seriously. people coming out of texas are just booming in todays entertainment industry from music to movies etc. i just thought tat was pretty cool. makes me wish i grew up in texas ;P here are a few examples :

American Idol Winner 05' and kick-ass good country singer, Oklahoma
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Lizzie McGuire!, Houston

her boots were definately made for walking alright, Abilene

the latest craze in young teens today, Miss Hannah Montana, Nashville

one of my fave actress, Miss Elle Woods, Nashville

Miss Dolly Parton is the perfect example of the results of overdoing it with plastic surgery. she scares me.., Nashville

the King of Rock and Roll himself, Memphis

Mr. SexyBack , Memphis

the woman who invented the word 'bootylicious' in the dictionary, Houston

parent trap star Dennis Quaid, Houston

the woman who was paid $US225,000 for every kilo she gained for the Bridget Jones's Diary's sequel -_-" (i want her job.. badly) ,Baytown

the hunk on 'Supernatural' otherwise known Jensen Ackles, Dallas

Steven Williams aka Stone Cold Steve Austin (btw my 2nd fave wrestler)

the innocent-looking actress from 'Gilmore Girls' , Miss Alexis Bledel

there are a bunch more but im too lazy to go look for them. and this is all i could come up wif so yeah. =)