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Friday, December 28, 2007
The World Project 3:02 PM

The people who built the Palm Islands in Dubai are doing it again! Their latest project is to create islands shaped like the continents in the world. Pretty wild eh? This project costed $18 billion dollars. The only means of transportation between the islands will be by marine transport, of course. Lol my cousin said why not just use the money to help poor countries instead of building new ones? lol quite true. I just happened to catch this on one of the episodes in Megastructures. Check it out.

The $18 billion dollar project. 'The World'.

For those who didn't know, this is the Palm Islands in Dubai.

A close up.

A closer up. That looks like a great place to live, eh? That is if a tsunami doesn't happen or something.

Even some celebs have already invested or either bought their own piece of island. Celebs like David Beckham, Rod Stewart, Michael Jackson, Michael Schumacher.

Hmm.. To families looking for a place to live, look no further! If you think you need some exercise, just swim over to David's football arena/island and he'll give you a few lessons. But if you're not into football, no biggie. Just drive over (by boat, of course) to Rod's island. He'll play you a few of his top hits if you ask nicely. Now if you have kids, there's an easy solution for that too. Just send them over to Michael Jackson's Daddy Daycare Centre/ Theme Park/ Island. I assure you, the kids will return with loads of reviews. Okay so let's say maybe you're a bachelor with an interest in speed. Just head on over to Michael Schumacher's very own custom-maded Formula 1 Circuit/ Island. Hey, The World is starting to sound like a great neighbourhood already!!

Islands that are still available.

Dubai has changed dramatically from what it used to be which was a sandy dusty desert to a booming developing country. Sighs now I feel like going to Dubai =( major props to the engineers in Dubai. The whole of Dubai looks frigging fantastic and unique from the sky.

The comparison.