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Saturday, January 05, 2008
Mr.Kenny 6:07 PM

"Hey, my name is Kenny Leong. Okay, so how about everyone stand up and introduce themselves?"

*Looks at class list.* "Okay, err.. Brendan?"

*Brendan stands up uneasily.* "I.. err.. I love physics."

*Whole class laughs. Mr. Kenny looks doubtful.* "Riiiight. As if. Okay, Henry?"

*Henry stands up confidently.* "I like cheese."

"Err.. okay. Jonathan?"

*Jon stands up confidently.* "I like cheeseburger!"

*Whole class cracks up.*

But I would have to say the funniest one we heard was a guy who said "I like long walks on the beach."

hahahahahahahaahhaahhahaahahhah guess who? I heard next door, someone said 'I like unicorns' or something like that. Haha great way to start off our first physics lesson with Mr. Kenny. =)