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Saturday, February 02, 2008
happy bday rach!! =) 7:56 PM

This post is dedicated to Rachel Tan Ying Ying! (hope i spelt tat rite? lol) Rach has been my classmate since primary days. She's a really good friend because she's reliable and straight forward. She gets things done, you know? She's nice, she's sweet, she's smart (esp in Chem, my tutor), she's soooo photogenic, she's kind, she's RACHEL! =) hope you had fun today dude. Sorry bout the laser tag bit. hope we'll be able to go out again next year. =) keep in touch, yeah? =)

The Birthday Girl.

Ham, Rach, Me and Phoebs in KL at like 7am.. look at me. i'm still asleep! lol fun times. *interesting fact : Rach has a strict built in curfew at 10pm lol*

Us in form 2? Cant rmrb. Haha one of our bright ideas when bored. =)

Form 1!! i think. haha NERDO! =P haha no la, they actually make you look like a scientist or something.

This pic of us is great. I love this. Perfection. On the F1 circuit.. with Stephs bug-eyed sunglasses lol

infront of that special Raja place.. lol

At one of Keith's famous pool/BBQ parties. lol

Look what i found hiding in my photo album file. haha this one sure is dusty. Look at us, we ALL LOOK LIKE CRAP!! Our first interact installation dinner.

At Joey's Mooncake bash.

The best pic of 2007 =) Sighs happy seventeenth birthday dear Rach. =D hope you have a great year!!