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Saturday, February 16, 2008
interschool 2008 =( 7:45 PM

INTERSCHOOL WAS SO FRIGGING FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

brief summary of the events :

Ling Ling from Chung Hua No.1 aka the best sports school in Kuching beated me and got 3 GOLD MEDALS for all throwing events which include javellin, discus and shotputt. -_-" I officially hate her. hahaha kidding! Plus did I mention she was selected AGAIN to represent Kuching in the 3 throwing events? ARGH! haahahha kidding la congrats dude. that's really cool. =) thanks for making interschool fun for me.

Geraldine and Sarah got selected to represent Kuching too. Geraldine got gold for 400m and a silver for 800m i think. Sarah got gold for discus and silver for javellin. She could have gotten gold for shotputt too if it wasnt for a cry baby so yeah. -_-"

WE WON OUR FIRST TROPHY!!!! actually Sarah won it but still, from Lodge bah!

So this is the first year in Lodge history that we actually won a trophy!!! and so many medals!! If I'm not mistaken, we got like 7 medals i think? hahaha and all the girls won medals.. haha none of the guys got anything but they were close so yeah. =)

Lodge is really moving forward in interschool sports. This year, loads of the students got into finals even though they didn't exactly win. LIKE ME FOR EXAMPLE!! =) HAHAAH zhi li, grace, lance, me etc. got into finals which is cool so yeah. haha as everyone knows, Chung Hua No.1 sits right next to us on the stand and I can't help but notice how friendly their students are. I;m glad we sit with them and not some perverted school like the one from Samarahan, who sat right infront of us and kept taking pics of the girls AND GUYS from our school. freaks. -_-

If I had a choice, I wished I studied in Chung Hua No.1 than moved to Lodge. haha honestly Chung Hua seems lyk a great school. Sighs oh wells this is my last year again =( so sad man!! no more interschool for me!!!!!!!!! arrrgh!! ='( haha maybe la if I'm free next year, I will come back and attend the interschool competition just to see my friends again. This year I met this girl called 'Chi' haha Ling said it was actually 'Chicken' -_-" lol so I was like so puzzled, how can her name really be chicken? lol so i asked her and it turned out its 'Katrina' lol idiot Ling. Going to miss Adeline too from Kuching Town, Sonia(LOL) from Sungai Maong. plus met alot of Chung Hua students like Hui Chi and Pei Nee and Jing Ying(?) did i spell that right? -_-" im terrible with chinese names. haah Dex they all so cheeky, keep looking at this girl called Fang Ping lol from Chung Hua. PERVS!!!! =) sighs I love interschool. will post the pics as soon as i get them. =(

Oh yeah I nearly forgot, Ling Ling, if you're reading, YOU OWE ME A DANCE!! HAHAAHAHAHA! IM STILL WAITING!!!!! =P