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Sunday, February 17, 2008
my CNY gallery 12:15 PM

Say hello to 5 year old Chloe Ngu from Australia.

Say hello to 3 year old Emma Ngu from Australia.

Haha this is them with their mum, Auntie Claire playing with the fountain at my house. Amazing how much fun they had just by splashing water around lol.

Oh yeah, Lena my oldest sister came back from UK just for CNY =)


Diana has been back too for a super long time, 3 months! so nice.. and mummykins!

On the way to Sarikei

Along the way we saw dad's infamous tree =P

Food!!! At the old house.

I'm so cute =D hahaa kidding

Watching the fireworks.

So adorable.

With my cousins. Omg I look so sleepy. I was btw thanks to the 5 hour drive.

Hahaha receiving words of wisdom from grandma. Too bad I had no idea what she was saying. Her chinese is sooooooooooooo deep and so fast. I just kept laughing and nodding. -_-

Meet my sister from China. -_-" hahah you might remember her from my past post. Yeap, she's the one with the yellow underwear on her face. hahahahahaha honestly i think this pic is so qua chang -_-

Auntie, Alexander, Diana, Mummykins, muahs

Thought this looked sweet.

The only people who wore cheong sams.

Half of the kids from the family.

Meet my sister from China part 2 -_-" QUA CHANG!

my favourite cousin from Sarikei, Sherry and Diana.

Just catching up on old times.

On the way back to Kuching. We were very bored =)

At Ranchang Pool. I think that is how you spell it. There is a really cool waterfall. Going next year =D

Back home sweet home!! =) and that was how my CNY went. minus the gambling and visiting i did when i came back to kuching la. =) happy belated cny.