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Wednesday, March 12, 2008
though we look different, we are equally as perverted 10:34 AM

First it was our beloved Health Minister, Mr. Chua Soi Lek with his sex/prostitute scandal (dunoe why i cant upload his picture), then the unforgettable Edison Chen drama in HK and now its an american governor, Mr. Eliot Spitzer. (yeah his name is spelt that way). this honorable governor felt lonely one day so he decided he needed some companionship so what should he do? hmm no, its not call his wife. no its not talk to his children or ask how their day went. Use the quick and efficient way where satisfaction is GUARANTEED which is 'order' a prostitute called Kirstin.

don't worry its cheap, all you hafta do is pay for her train ticket, her food, her accommodation and of course the hotel where you will commit this wonderful and pleasurable sin. in this case, it was 'The Mayflower'. he ordered her two days in advance and in those two days, CNN showed clips of him giving speeches about finding ways to raise funds for higher education of children etc. etc. he really sounded lyk an angel or at least someone diplomatic and if i din noe about his other side, i would haf thought he was a decent governor who actually gave a damn. all this time, he was just trying to use the money to pay off his prostitute debt. I'm not sure but that was the impression i got so correct me if im wrong but it sounded that way and all i can say is i really pity his family who probably were kept in the dark.

anyway we shouldnt call them prostitutes especially when they charge $4300 an hour. bcos of that, they refer themselves as 'escorts' and you can find this wonderful service on a website called 'The Emperor's Club'. CNN investigators report that he has been using the emperor's club services for months, potentially years and he has paid nearly $50,000 so far. Wow.. imagine that.

The pervert.

our perv =)

Now there is a great debate on should he be arrested for his illegal behavior bcos the prostitutes were arrested where as he wasnt. Tonight on CNN, that cool looking reporter, Anderson Cooper is going to have a discussion about it. dun miss it! =) CNN has never been so interesting. haha

oh and about our country's election, i really couldnt give more of a rats ass who wins and loses. infact, im more interested in America's election for the presidential seat than my own country's. -_- hmmmm who would you choose? Barack Obama, the first ever coloured American president or Hilary Clinton, the first ever American woman president? To be honest, I like Hilary Clinton bcos in most of the debates she has with Obama, she comes across as a more intelligent and focused candidate. She looks like she knows exactly what's she doing and she might be exactly what America needs right now. A feminine touch, so to speak. Obama has the perfect family with the patriotic wife and adorable children. I don't know.. obama's currently leading in the polls so it's hard to say. hopefully, americans know what they're voting for. =)

on a complete different note, the Lawrence King tragedy, a 15-year old student was killed by another 15-year old student, Brendan just bcos Larry asked Brendan to be his valentine. What is the world coming to when even children resort to using guns? sighs