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Sunday, March 30, 2008
the aftermath 11:06 PM

wtf i jst wrote a full post and accidentally deleted it.

so im jst gona make it brief.

my events were 200m, 400m, 4X400m.
wtf got stupid conflict for the 4X400m event.
some red houser say its HER EVENT. say SHE THOUGHT SHE WAS RUNNING FOR TAT EVENT. then the whole time, she looks at me lyk 'wtf u tink u can run? u tink u can outrun me?'.wtf man.

before running for all my events, my legs were shaking. literally SHAKING.. i look to my left for the 400m event, i see Basiuk and Grace wif their game face on olrdi. celakaa... panic man. my heart is thumping so hard against my chest then *bang*. everyone is off.

fastforward to 4x400m which is the last even of the day. i was so nervous i asked a friend whom is now in purple house for a drink of her 100plus and she gives me a look and scoffs, 'Sry, purple house runners ONLY.' then walks off leaving me wif my mouth hanging.

first of all, i haf NTG against purple house and i even support them. im the one who keeps telling OTHER people to not take sports day so seriously and dont be lyk 'oh no matter wat, we must beat purple house' . wat the hell? this is suppose to be fun, suppose to bring the two schools together make friends. not fight and compete so competitively. wtf man. i was looked at her back, shook my head and walked to the track. honestly.. some people.

as for shui's post, im sry if u think nobody noticed or cared bout u. jst so u noe, i do. i wished u were 3rd runner wif me, then at least we could both give morale support to each other. i din noe u were the 1st till u told me minutes before the race. u din wear shoes is it? omg ur toes. take care of them arr. the skin peeled off.... argggh omg. i din noe u were injured. argh tat must frigging hurt.im fortunate i din suffer any injuries besides the little bruise on my knee where i collapsed on the ground after passing the batton to g-spot. jst so u noe, i noe exactly how u feel. it sucks lyk shit.

after i passed the batton to g-spot, i collapsed and was gasping for air.no one offered me any help. no one asked how i was. i look nxt to me, i see sarah ngui doing the exact thing i was. then after g-spot passed the finishing line, i see everyone crowding around her, congratulating her, patting her back, giving her words of couragement.

sarah and i looked at each other and said the same thing , ' wtf.. wat about us? we also run wat.'sighs only phoeb came to chck how i was doing. the rest of my friends jst mysteriously disappeared. anyway sarah and i sat on the grass for a long time till feeling came back to our numb butts and our thighs stopped feeling lyk iron bars had be inserted into them.

the last 100m stretch is a real killer man. tats the stretch when u start to lose control of ur legs. ur head is telling them 'keep running' but ur body is screaming 'stop stop stop!' arghh i surprised myself alot. i found i managed to keep up wif grace in the 400m and basiuk. guess tats smtg eh? lol sighs frigging hot day man. hope im not sunburnt.

red won tho. =)