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Tuesday, April 22, 2008
22th april 11:29 PM

was in class during add maths to be exact, tinking about a new post for my blog. tinking about shuis previous sports day post got me tinking.. i felt exactly lyk how she did. notice i said past tense for her but for me, its present tense.. always has been. anyway i came up with smtg.

i am lonely

then as i thought longer whilst pretending to nod at mrs.ngus teachings.. i came up with another one..

i am frigging pissed off.

thinking about it just made me more agitated.

do i have a right to be angry?

do i have a right to be jealous?

well, hell yeah im frigging jealous.

i cant believe even he/she did it...

next problem.. what happens next?

what do i do?

just pretend to not care and go on living my life?

or speak up?...

what do i do?

God, how i wished things were lyk form 2 or form 3 again.

i will never forget what you guys did for me in form 2.
i had the best time.. ever

where have we all gone?

*current mood : frigging cibeh frustrated and lil emo*