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Saturday, April 12, 2008
cant tink of a title rite now.. 6:46 PM

crap.. jst heard the hitz.fm saying Celine Dion's concert is tomorrow in KL

loads of people have been asking me what i wanted as a bday present.. well guys im telling you
right now.


i want to go to Celine Dion's concert in KL.
i want to go bcos i love her music.
and this is super rare opportunity bcos as you noe, why would any supermega celebs come to malaysia? so yeah.
shes an inspiration for me.
i have always loved her music since i first saw her on tv
i love her voice, her spirit, her heart and her soul.

one of the worlds most amazing singers of all time

haha so yeah.. thats what i secretly wanted.

think you guys can make it happen? =)