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Monday, April 28, 2008
creepy shit : Austria Abuse Scandal 11:13 PM

definately one of the most disturbing things i have ever heard of..

my parents were watching some big thing on BBC world news few minutes ago and they refused to tell me about it -_- so i just search 'austria abuse' on www.bbcworld.com. lol wonders of technology.

basically, a 73 year old man has imprisoned his daughter for 24 years... thats TWENTY-FOUR FRIGGING YEARS! omg.. and he has repeatedly raped her. in those 24 years of captivity, she gave birth to six children!! SIX! but sadly one of them died, and the father threw the dead baby in the incinerator.. omg.. told u incinerators are bad! (talking bout EST exam question.. lol nvm)

omg.. that is so frigging disturbing. click here to find out more. argh. im so disturbed. the daughter who is now 42 years old, is Elisabeth F. her eldest daughter, Kristen, 19 is seriously ill and has been hospitalized. actually she was the reason the Austrian police found out about this insanely creepy incident. ...

Elisabeth had to live in the cellar of her father's 3-storey house. and her mother had completely no idea her daughter was being raped or lived under her nose the entire 24 years of her daughter's disappearance. lyk wth!!!! as if!

i would upload the pics of the cellar but think it mite take too long. go bbcworld.com to check it out yourself. i cant believe she managed to survive in that super cramped and narrow hallway for twenty four years.. it just makes me cringe thinking about it. that poor girl. i just saw a picture of Elisabeth when she was 18 or 19, she's sooo beautiful. that's when she disappeared or supposedly ran away from home. in actual fact, she says her father drugged her, handcuffed her then kidnapped her into the cellar of their home.

omg... this is so disturbing. what's happening to the world?! recently, theres a 'couple' in australia too where a man and his DAUGHTER are supposedly sleeping with each other and already given birth a baby girl. and they say they're happy... omg.. this is too much. please stop with the incest! no more!! arggh find someone your own age weirdos!

argggh whats WRONG WITH THE WORLD?!!! too much lovee in the wrong places!!!!