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Wednesday, April 16, 2008
oprah, the anti-christ? 7:58 PM

wow.. this i got the strangest advice ever from my sister.

'Sandra, don't watch Oprah. She's part of an anti-christ cult'

... yeah i was kinda speechless too when i saw it. then i went on youtube and this is what i found..

this video is titled 'Oprah Winfrey - Is this the anti-christ?'

for those who are unfamiliar, the bible says that someone will rise among us and lead the most powerful country in the world into hell. he is the Anti-Christ bcos he will teach us to go against Christianity. its somewhere in the bible. im not exactly sure where myself but i remember a speaker and talking about this in my church.

if you want a clearer understanding, simply go and download the movie 'Left Behind' and 'Left Behind 2'. its a christian movie about what is to come in future which is when the anti-christ has risen.

this got me thinking.. the bible said the anti-christ will fool many people on earth and made them turn against their christian beliefs. he will be charismatic and many will fall under his charm and he will bring many to hell with him. those who are weak in their beliefs or are confused, will fall easily into his trap of lies and deceit.

okay so back today, Oprah Winfrey is as voted by Times Magazine, one of the most influential person in our modern day society.

*she talks about this New Age cult in a book written by Eckhart Toller(forgot the spelling of his last name) called 'A New Earth'.*

and if you are watching the american politics right now, you will know that Oprah is supporting Obama. as i was watching the video, i immediately thought about how it all was connected and similar to the philosophy written in the bible. about how a man will rise among us, fool everyone with his lies and drag them all to hell with him, the anti-christ.

what if Obama is the anti-christ? some of you might say im crazy but im just saying... seriously think about it. i wouldnt post this if i wasn't truly disturbed by the video. so.. yeah.
i would love to hear your views on this. go search up keywords oprah winfrey and anti-christ. dont just toss this aside and continue watching Oprah's tv show jst bcos you think she's not like that or something.

what if..
what if what's she done in her life were merely an act to win you over?
what if she has been working like a saint simply to win the heart and trust of viewers?
what if she is putting the big plan in action, now that she has a million fanbase?
what if she is connected to what the bible has been trying to warn us?
what if.. she is the anti-christ?

there are a million what ifs.. and to be honest, im a little confused and worried right now.
like a lot of people, i love Oprah because of her kind heart and generous contributions to society.
then this happens.. now i don't know what to think.

oh i forgot to mention that there is a book entitled 'Don't drink the kool-aid'. its about not believing in the oprah/obama cult and showing the negatives of it. you can check it out here. do yourself a favor by reading the excerpts from the book. i want to try and find this book. hmm someone msg me if you see it in kuching.

fun fact: the book is called 'dont drink the kool-aid' bcos :

In 1978, some 900 members of the People’s Temple cult committed mass
suicide in Jonestown, Guyana by drinking a mixture of grape Kool-Aid,
Valium and Cyanide. Little could these poor souls have imagined that the
group they had joined for its promise of spiritual understanding and social
justice would end up asking them to feed their children the sugar-laden
poison before killing themselves. The sad truth, though, is that they had
already drank the “Kool-Aid” long before they took their own lives, by
killing off their ability to think critically and independently. Humans are
endowed with extraordinary powers of observation and analysis, and yet we
are also susceptible to deep-seeded desires for acceptance and conformity
which too often demand that we silence our inconvenient truths.

~ Oregon Commentator, University of Oregon