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Sunday, May 18, 2008
anyone still out thr? 1:30 PM

okaaay i think people have officially stopped viewing my blog. my bad!!
haha this is lyk the longest time since i didnt post smtg. haha
sorrry been busy ya noe?
with clubbing, smoking, drinking.. you know how it is ;-)

haha anyyway ermm well the form 5s left for KK yesterday morning. =(
as you can see, i did not go.
why you ask? well, to be honest, i thought of the many other things i would rather do with the rm1100.
so yeah. im lyk the best child in the world -_-

hehe sitting for my driving test on tuesday.
wooohoo at least now i have a legit excuse to skip school.
hey, at least its better than rach's. hahaha
her mum wrote a letter and i quote :

'Dear Teacher, please excuse my daughter from school today as i rather she did some house chores at home. Thank you.'

haha priceless. wonder what Mr.Ngu would say. lol
teachers day is over. boring as hell. shouldnt even haf gone to school that day but i had the interact election meeting so i HAD to go.
ermm wat esle?

oooo! 5c got back their photos already! from great wall!! hehe
we only have the class photo and individual photos that will be featured in the school mag 2008.
the additionals still havent arrive yet so yeah. still waiting..
hehe in the mean time, feast your eyes on these babies. =)

*note : please dont drool at the last girl =P*

*additional note : i dont know why but after scanning the pics into my comp, the colour got abit different. its not as clear as the ones i haf wif me but yeah.*

Presenting the people who contributes to global warming (;-P) :

The Ravishing, Miss Rachel Tan

The Ever Random, Peggums

The Provoactive, Miss Phoebe Tang

The Ever Charming, Mr Joel Ngeaw

.... me? =P
*rmrbs steph's irritatingly high pitched voice 'Self praise is no praise, SANDRA!' -_-"

presenting 5c 2008 baby =)

informal shots with everyone. loads more but its all in nadiras camera

wif sweets/nicole/teo yee. lol lyk the only nice shot i could find =(