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Monday, June 09, 2008
for sidney who obviously has no life and loves my blog =P 11:52 PM

Chemistry test just over today about redox reaction. hmm not bad la. for once, i could actually answer all the questions. -_-.. that is an amazing achievement already. haha plus the marks is going to be added on into our exam so hopefully i did well.

Bio test on Wednesday about coordination and movement. in short, crap load of hormones' long names like luteinising hormone (shit i jst realized while trying to type out the names of the hormones, i cant seem to rmrb exactly how to spell them -_- this is not good. )

plus their functions which is MORE THAN ONE. la la la la la la. dont forget the nephrons which is a basic functional unit for kidneys. and how its made up of the glomerulus and associated blood vessels, the Bowman's capsule and the renal tubule.

oh and the renal tubule is made up of 3 parts namely : proximal convoluted tubule, loop of Henle, and distal convoluted tubule. mwahahaha i sound so smart =P. crap hope i do well for bio. i actually kinda like it but the names of the stuff ARE SO LONG!!!! eg. Adrenocorticotrophic hormone! now try saying that 3 times real fast. =)

Sejarah test on thursday. yipeeeee its like holidays have come early . -_-
sejarah is crap useless (no offence). i mean what's the point of memorizing all the names and parties involved in the creating our country? i mean.. ITS SO BORING! its like moral. we just memorize them like crazy people. after spm, then wat? its all thrown down the drain.. all that studying, cramping, hours spent revising, hairs fallen out due to stress.. and for what? we arent going to apply any of it when it comes to college etc. WATS THE POINT?!?!

unless you're interested in becoming a history teacher, historian or some kind of politician.. THERE'S NO POINT IN IT!!!!! sighs.. all this perjanjian-s and persekutuan-s and persatuan-s are driving me crazy. arrrrrrrrrrgh. it doesnt help that most of the leaders or activists have nearly the same names. -_- imagine if the person who created UMNO's name was Jack. hahaha that would be kinda funny AND SO MUCH EASIER TO RMRB!!!! -_-

sighs. oo paper 3 tests are next week. all science subjects. woohoo.. christmas came early this year -_-"

happy sid? =) haha