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Saturday, June 21, 2008
The Glider 10:40 AM

okay i know i said no more negative freaky inhumane stuff but i cant help it that our world is spiraling out of control. there are freaks EVERYWHERE!! this story is even more disgusting and frightening than the Fritz family case in Austria... haha some may find that hard to believe but hey, check it out for yourself. From Austria to Iran to Czech Republic... as if we dont have enough problems already.

twisted stuff.

on a completely different matter altogether, i promised some people a positive and funny post so here it is. =)

btw, this will only be funny if you know someone i like to call 'The Glider'.

that was the beginning of my original post. I don't know how many people may have read it already but i decided to cancel it.
first of all :
a) this is my blog. dont lyk it.. leave.
b) the post was just a joke.
truth be told, i was thinking about the post before i published it, on whether or not should i actually publish it.
Yes, it was mean.
Yes, it was cruel.
Yes, i was being a hypocrite of the person i normally am.. or at least thought myself to
Yes, i feel ashamed about it now.
Yes, i feel guilty because when i see stuff like this going on tv, i'm the one who usually says
'Why does that happen?
Why doesnt anyone befriend him?
Why is he so sad?
Why is he thinking of suicide?
Why did he kill his classmates?'
So i have come to a conclusion.
I am thoroughly sorry to the person i offended.
Even though i know he doesnt read my blog, i am sorry.
I am ashamed of what I did and of the person I've become.
I say this all with sincerity.
I will, from this day forth, never repeat my actions.
again, i am sorry.
to paparaaapa : get a life. this is my blog. i am not scared of you. so what if you know my dad? loads of people know my dad. and you know what? go tell him for all i care. I did what i did. I apologized and i sincerely regret my actions. My dad will understand because he knows exactly what kind of person i am. so i am not afraid of you or your silly childish threat. who are you to think you can threaten me?
oh btw, out of curiousity, why did you delete your comment?