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Thursday, June 12, 2008
You know the world is a darker place when.. 10:24 PM

... when two innocent young girls are gunned down for no absolute reason whatsoever.

The girl on the left is Taylor Dawn Paschal-Placker and the one on the right is Skyla Jade Whitaker. Left girl is only 13 years old. Right girl is 11. O.O..

According to investigators, the two girls had planned a sleepover at Taylor's house the night they were killed. They left the house about 5 p.m. Less than 30 minutes later, Taylor's grandfather discovered the girls' bodies in a ditch on the side of a road, near a bridge that is a popular gathering spot in the area.

Two beautiful harmless girls died in a matter of minutes.. just like that.
Their entire 13 and 11 years of existence.. was just taken from them..
they were robbed of their lives.. 13 and 11 is an extremely young age to die.
They had their whole life ahead of them..
but just like that..
everyone that cared for them.. lost a someone precious and dear to them.
just like that..

Makes you want to go 'WAT THE HELL?!?!?!'.

Investigators were considering a variety of motives as they searched for suspects, including the possibility of a "random thrill kill." For people who are goon-du and never watch 'Crime and Investigations', it means killing randomly. Lots of murders have been committed that way. It's when psychos just randomly select their victims, follow them and then brutally kill them. They don't need a reason for their actions. They just need a target.

People like this should rot in jail for eternity. Taking the life of another person, unintentionally is a different story but doing it deliberately... the thought is just disturbing.

When i was up one night watching E!News, I cant remember the names of the couple but I know their just really Christians and were about to get married. They took a short holiday together somewhere in the US then were planned to be wed the following day. They never showed and a few weeks later, police found suspicious looking sleeping bags on a secluded part of the beach.

When they went to investigate, they found their bodies. Their murder was never solved and their murderer was never caught. That was a random thrill kill. And that was equally as horrible and inhuman.

Sighs.. when i saw the picture of the two girls.. my heart kinda melted. It makes you wonder what kind of world we're living in. What's happened to our world? Humans are suppose to be the smarter, alpha species. What happened?

Taylor's uncle, described his niece as an intelligent girl who loved animals.
"She rescued turtles on the highway and wrote her name on them and turned them loose in the country."

He also said Taylor was at the top of her class in public school after being homeschooled most of her life.

"She was very smart," he added, who last saw Taylor two weeks ago at a family reunion

Poor guy didn't know that was going to be his last.
I'm still disturbed.

Someone blog about something positive please.