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Sunday, July 06, 2008
jeremy jackson.. ew 10:04 PM

remember coming home, after a long tiring day of school?
you drop your bag and immediately switch on your tv and at 5pm (or was it 6pm) Baywatch is on.
i remember Baywatch being one of my fave tv shows.
i would rush home just to watch the episodes.
NOT because of the hot bodies in the show -_-
i was still too young to understand what 'hawt' meant.
but because of the storyline..
the whole lifeguard thing saving the victim's life EVERYTIME..
yeah im such a loser.

anyway, remember Hobie?
David Hasselhoff's cute, young, buffed son?
omg.. he was so cute back then..
and then i saw this on perez and nearly died.

what he used to be look like :

awww.. right?

not really digging the wavy hair but he still looks cute.

hmmm okay.. maturing into...

best age? wth? -_-
best look!
i mean he looks his best when he was lyk this..
arrrgghh i can even vaguely remember this scene i think.

what he looks like now :

... okay so he doesnt look that bad here. hmm

no offense but i think he looks older than David Hasselhoff...

okay this one is the most frightening by far..
so prepare yourself..
i warned you..


*from his blog*

"Like a fine wine, J.J. just gets better with age."

Perez Hilton.

and whats with the red eye?!
it makes him look even creeepier!!
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Hobie!!!
what happened to you?
i couldnt believe that was actually cute hot Hobie..
and what Perez said..
am i the only one seeing it or do you think he's hot too?

you would think Perez had better taste or something.
seeing as how he's lyk..
gay and everything

double ew.

Sighs still love Baywatch though.

i cried like a retard when Stephenie died in the sailboat accident.
btw, Stephenie is the chick on the right with short hair.
sighs.. i can picture that episode right now.

i miss Baywatch.

P.S. while googling for Hobie's pics, i came across a lot of other Baywatch actors mostly half-naked and SUPER BUFFED AND IN SUPER HOT SHAPE..
crap. too bad i was too young to understand it all =(