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Sunday, July 20, 2008
la la la 2:31 PM

i have put on so much weight that it's not even funny anymore =(
went to steamboat with the rest last night.
wasnt very fun cos some people didnt go =(
but oh well, last day i could go out anywhere.. mums restricting my driving privileges..


oh thought of a post today, namely :



a) driven the BMW

b) driven the porsche

(and sucked at it.. badly.. emphasize on the 'badly' part)

*this isnt the actual car but same model but diff colour and its a convertible. im too lazy to find the pic of the actual one cos its 12.05am and ive got school and im tired and currently, i cant breathe again cos of my stupid flu... *

c) eaten at pizza hut

(... and feel EXTRA BLOATED..)

*nyahaha 1300-82525.. 1300-82525.. *

seriously, thanks to him, ive put on SOOOO MUCH more weight -_-

d) eaten at Jojo cafe..

(actually i didnt eat.. just watch haha)

*haha i jst typed in 'Jojo cafe' for fun, not thinking i actually find an actual pic of the place.. but i did.. the wonders of the internet. lol.*

e) nearly reversing into another car in the bmw

( maaaaaaaathering scary and close -_-" )

f) wake up at 3.30am and change bedrooms -_-

(shall not elaborate haha to make you die of curiousity)

g) watch Hellboy2
(sucks in my opinion. cool special effects but plot is predictable)

hmm cant tink of anything esle at the moment.. so yeah. =)

btw lemme show you who bert is.. jst cos im bored.

haha it feels lyk im selling him on my blog or something -_-
oh well, whatever works right? ;)

haha im pretty sure losers lyk amah will be viewing my blog more often after seeing this. nyaahah..

on second thought, i cant sell out my own flesh and blood.
but i do accept cheques or cold hard cash if you are persistent enough. ;)

im so sad.. -_-
gnites =)