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Sunday, August 03, 2008
an udpate :) 10:44 PM

things i immediately do when i go online :

a) first thing : perez =). i absolutely need a shot of celebrity gossip whenever i'm online. and perez hilton is the best place for it. i love the fact that he updates everyday so if let's say, i was busy on a certain day, then i go to his page the next day, that's double the dosage! haha i sound lyk a loon but honestly, i can't go on the net without going to his page. its a necessity!

b) go to postsecret. i find it amazingly how people write their innermost and private secrets on a piece of postcard and send it in to Frank Warren for the public to view. i have thought of doing the same but never actually found time to get to it though i am pretty sure i will someday. i love going there because sometimes the secrets i find, just happen to be something i can relate to. some of the secrets makes me intrigued, some makes my heart break, and some humor the crap out of me. the latest one that i read said :

'I clean hotel rooms and i always use ONLY ONE cloth to wipe everything like the floors, the toilet, the spoons and drinking cups etc.'

lol you just never know, eh?

c) i go to my own blog, duh. haha usually just to check out the tagbox and listen to the background music which is currently and has been for a few months now 'Here I Am' by Leona Lewis. haha i am going to change it because im sick of that song now but again, never exactly found the time to do it. i will though! =) any requests? im thinking 'I'm Yours' by Jason Mraz. =P whatcha thing? (inside joke)

d) check out my friends' blogs like ash(but he hardly updates. ass -_-), rach, pegs, joey, POY, skims, erics etc. i find skims the funniest because shes so hard core straight forward and direct. lol sometimes a good thing and i suppose a bad thing but whatever. i prefer people just being forward and honest instead of beating around the bush all the time and pretending to be someone they're not.

e) facebook? friendster? i hardly use friendster nowadays as the new hit thing is facebook. lol ermm what esle?

f) youtube. go search for videos like jonas brothers or happyslip which is FRIGGING HILARIOUSLY FUNNY. honestly, her name is christina and she originates from the Philippines but is american and she is soooooooo talented. i mean, she can make comedic sketches and she plays like mostly all the characters in her videos. haha she is so damn talented and funny. another guy i love to watch is Kev Jumba. he also makes funny videos and he collaborated with happyslip on several occassions. i think i did a post about them a few months ago but whatever. ahha check them out! they're the best. happyslip won 2nd place i think for most watched videos during some youtube award ceremony. haha plus kev jumba is cute. cheeeeck them out whenever you're bored.

haaha yeah that's about it. i think. anyone know any interesting blogs or sites they like to recommend? feel free. =) cya laters

P.S. anyone with pictures of me during interact night , please sEND TO me! THANKS!