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Friday, October 03, 2008
hhow long u've got =) 9:59 PM

go here and find out how long u've got -_-.
predictably, joel gave me this link.
check it out.

ps. people who find this kind of stuff are REALLY BORED..

btw, mine is march 2nd 2079

lol i will be exactly ..... 88 years old.
haha hope i will still be as sexy as madonna.
thought i dont like madonna.. her body is frigging creepy.
she's not human..

yay i blogged. =)

a music icon.

oooh.. that looks like it hurts.

like eww. she's pushing 50 and this is her new album.
wonder what her daughter thinks.
it puts the 'creep' in creeeeeeeeeeeeeepy.

jeepers creepers. look at those veins!
she's got more than morgan!

just call me your material girl.

HAHAHHAHAHAHA cant believe i jst said that. lol