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Sunday, October 05, 2008
USA president 08 12:48 AM

omg.. you're looking at the next possible president of USA.
he might be the next most power man on Earth.
as for his vice president, Joe Biden..
what are they?
short on smart political americans?

Whoopi Goldberg was right.

"NONE of the senators are qualified to be the president.
the only person qualified to be the president is someone who has done it."

i vote for hilary clinton!

that is if i was an american.
a legal voting american.
just an opinion.

oh a completely different matter,
i think people on youtube are being extremely cruel with Sarah Palin.
they keep making fun of her and her family.
there was one video about her family called 'Family Matter' or something.
it was disgusting and twisted
especially the part sarah palin's 'husband' went to beat up their 'perfectly healthy' baby to make him disabled because she told McCain they're a pro bono family.
that was gross and revolting.

again just my opinion.