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Friday, December 12, 2008
first official movie review 12:04 AM

hey alright, so i went out today with the guys.
a few years ago, if i said the guys, i meant literally the guys!
but now, i'm proud to say, i have crossed over with the other sex and made new acquaintances. =)
anyway, what the hell am i talking about?

we went to see 'When The Earth Stood Still'
five words


it was so frigging terrible and dull and boring!
i was sitting there, waiting for the climax or something
but all i got was loud screeching noises that made my ears hurt

to make myself clearer :
andre sat next to me in the cinema with zoe on my left.
you could not have placed me next to two completely different individuals
on my right : zoe is sort of jumpy, comments and responds to every exciting or surprising action from the movie with her body language.

on my left : andre is slumped in his seat, staring blankly at the screen, and busy texting.

lol kinda funny.

anyway, we went to Duolos afterwards cause we just wanted to kill time and were bored
ash drove KL's car, joel drove zoe's aunt's car and KW drove his cooper.
btw, when a person is behind the wheel, he becomes A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT INDIVIDUAL!
lets just say, they were a lot of cursing and yelling lol.
haha that's all i got to say.

anyway, i cant remember the last time to see the huge ass ship.
i have only vague images like little tiny me staring at the enormous boat.
i can't really imagine the volunteers who live on the ship and sort of dedicate their time and energy to this magnificent ship.

i'm sort of claustrophobic so i dont think i will last long in a cramped compartment, sleeping with 3 other individuals.
hmm nevertheless, the thought of visiting so many different and foreign countries around the world plus meeting and making so many different friends kinda got me intrigued and interested.

for example, the girl who sold an ice cream to me on the ship was korean.
the guy whom i purchased a book by Max Lucado was german.
i just can't imagine the life they live and how they could possibly adjust back to reality once their time on Duolos is over.

kinda gets you thinking uh?
hm what would you do if you had the chance of a lifetime to live on the largest and oldest ocean liner in the world?
i read a brochure that said Duolos started in like 1914.
pretty cool.

alright that's all for now
i'm out.