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Sunday, December 21, 2008
i am inlove 9:53 PM

hello everyone!
(ignoring the vacantness of the room)

how's your holidays going?
argh guess what guess what guess what!
i am inlove
today i fell inlove

just for giggles, i decided to msg a few of my friends saying only :
'i'm inlove'
i was curious of their reactions lol.

some answers were ridiculous though lol
anyway, sad to tell yall but my new found love aint a guy, OR A GIRL (-_-")
it aint even human.

haha i kinda forgot the model
i rmrb the model which i initially intended to buy which is a d5-1063 but it's huge!
and the model is out of stock -_-

anyway, so my dad and i went to notebook haven aka Saberkas with my sis and cousin.
we walked up and down for ages, just window shopping at random notebooks.
finally, we went to the second or third level to this computer shop (didnt bother to look at the name of the store)
anyway, we were greeted by a cute salesguy , Eddy.
haha anyway, we talked and talked and walked back and forth, analyzing all the different qualities in a hp notebook.

it was pretty tiring cause my dad kept checking and rechecking everything
btw i have no computer knowledge whatsoever
sure, i can type pretty fast, about 75 words per min (is that fast?)
i know how to install games and stuff
yep that's about it. lol
processors, RAMs, graphic cards etc.
you might as well be speaking to me about cars models and their engines -_-

so that's why i'm so thankful that i have my daddy who probably has a degree in just about anything.
my dad's the wisest guy i know.
anyway, long story short, we got my laptop at a bargain plus loads of freebies.
my notebook's cover is kinda brown in colour, with a free light green mouse and a purple 4GB pen drive.

haha my dad's philosophy :

'The notebook is brown representing the tree,
the mouse is green representing the leaves,
the pen drive is purple representing the fruits.'

it was so random and out of the blue, that i burst out laughing.
haha the randomness of my dad.
now i know where i inherit it from.

anyway, right now, i'm just so thrilled with my babeh.
i have lost interest in going out, all i want to do is play with my notebook.
btw, i'm thinking of a name for her.
so feel free to hit me with some ideas yo.
haha kinda sexist how people usually name their belongings eg. a car with female names.
haha but that's a completely different topic for a different post.

oh and i'm sorry for the lack of updates.
i'll be sure to update more often eh?
so please don't give up on me.
i was quite surprised to see my analytics when i checked my nuffnang account.
you encourage me to blog about more random stuff!
haha crap

i love my new notebook.